Burst/Corroded Pipes and Water Leak Detection

Burst Pipes

Unfortunately, there are times that pipes will burst which can be unexpected. Burst pipes at home or at office can cause massive damage to your property, and too many leaking pipes can bring you all kinds of problems. Often burst pipes result from pressure building overnight, resulting in rusty or weak pipes giving way.

Mario’s Plumbing can handle all sorts of burst pipes issues. Our plumbers can repair any pipe damages caused by bursting water. We will ensure all your pipes are well protected and replace any defective pipes with durable ones. To prevent further damage in the future, we will check your other pipes to see if they need fixing, and survey the surrounding areas to check for any further water damage.

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Corroded Pipes

Corrosion is the gradual destruction of a material by its environment. Pipes corrode due to dissimilar metal connection, water, oxygen and debris. If they are left untreated, corroded pipes can bring expensive plumbing damages such as burst pipes and leakages.

Iron, copper and steel pipes and fittings are often exposed to weather elements, and in many incidents, they are unprotected against corrosion attacks. If different metals such as copper and aluminum or copper and steel are connected, metal corrosion in pipelines ensues. The incident, also known as galvanic corrosion, is the effect of electrochemical electron exchange from the different galvanic properties between dissimilar metals. Plumbers manage to control or prevent pipeline corrosion by either using anti-corrosion pipes or using the same types of metals for plumbing connections.

Our plumbers can take care of your plumbing problems brought by corroding pipes. We have the quality materials to replace the defects and the workmanship to remedy every pipe corrosion problem, assuring you will not have the same problem in the future.

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Water Leak Detection

Do you have a high water bill? Have you noticed a damp cabinet or wall, toilets not flushing well, or sewers that drain slow? You could have a hidden water pipe leakage.

Mario’s Plumbing is the expert in water meter ticking over when taps are not running. Our water detection team can detect many kinds of hidden leaks. Our detection experts carry an effective non-destructive method, enabling to detect the leaks without damaging your property, thus saving you money and giving you peace of mind. Coupled with our expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment, our plumbers can accurately locate and resolve leaking problems, no matter how difficult they could be. Rest assured we will leave a clean and complete work to your satisfaction.

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Blocked Pipes Cleaning